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Westcoast British Columbia          

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What's New - Soundwave 2010

This page will keep you abreast of changes that are new in recent Soundwaves!




Yes, there is a plan in place to improve the parking conditions this year, especially for those that arrive to the event later (ie. Friday).  Overflow parking will be further down the road and some sort of shuttle is going to get you and your gear onto site.  Various levels of parking will be available for pre-purchase before the show, preventing the need to tr and show up early in order to have good parking.   In order to make this possible, we will be charging fees for parking ANY vehicle, with the price going up proportionally to the space taken up by your vehicle.   Despite our pleas every  year for people to car pool and not bring RV's, we are seeing more RV's than ever and more single occupancy vehicles than ever.  Therefore improving parking by creating more pay parking and organizing who is parked where ahead of itme is the only feasible option for this year. 

 Please see:  this news update for the lastest available information at this time.  


More to come for 2010!


2009 Changes:


Extra Fees: 


 There are some important new changes regarding extra fees assessed for showing up early, or showing up in a gigantic RV.   These fees are due when you arrive at the event, and the gate does not take debit or credit card payments so please plan ahead.

  • Fees for Arriving Early, or arriving Late

  • If you arrive early this year (before Friday), there is a $20 per vehicle per night parking fee, payable at the gate when you arrive.  Parking Friday-Sunday is included in your ticket.  e.g. arriving wednesday = $40)  Please be aware of this and that the gate cannot take Debit or Credit card payments so please show up with the appropriate amount of cash.  


  • Increased Fees for Parking RVs

  •  The RV parking fees have increased this year to $50 per night per RV.  This fee is assessed for every night of the show until completion (i.e. arriving Friday = $150)      See the FAQ entry for more information / detailed explanation and cost if this affects you... or better yet leave the RV at home and camp in a tent!


In and Out Charge: 

Those wishing to leave and return will be charged a $20 per car in-and-out fee upon their return to the gate.   Plesae try and do all your shopping and preparations before arriving to reduce traffic congestion on-site and on the logging road.  If you have anything left that you didn't buy before you hit the road, you can probably get it last minute at the Ukee Co-Op


Sunday Funday 2009 cost

If you wish to attend Sunday Funday only, then the price at the gate is $100, after 8AM Sunday only  See the FAQ entries for more information. 


Food Menus


Site Map

Gordon from Bluntfacktory has created the Soundwave 10 Site Map!

Check out the link to view or download the map!

Please check back here before you leave for the latest important updates!


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