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Westcoast British Columbia          

( ( ( Soundwave 2011 ) ) )


 Soundwave Tickets


 Scroll down for the list of ticket outlets!


 19+ with ID to purchase tickets and enter festival:  

Please note that you MUST be 19+ with ID to purchase tickets and to attend Soundwave.  Anyone arriving without valid photo ID will NOT get past the front gate. There will be no exceptions to this policy. No refunds will be provided to those who choose to arrive at the site without their tickets or IDs! 


Ticket Pricing

Your share of the costs are $225 (incl. GST), plus a service charge ($5+GST at most outlets).  The cost of your ticket includes festival entrance and camping during the show's run-time (Friday through Sunday night). 

On-site parking and/or showing up early or staying late will incur extra fees, due on arrival (see below for more info).  The exception to this last rule is free parking for full car-pools that arrive on Friday.  These vehicles will receive free parking through Sunday night.

Because the HST comes into effect on July 1st, there will be two sets of prices.   Get yours before the government gets even more of yours!  You can ensure that you will avoid paying the HST and enjoy more of your hard earned money by purchasing your tickets before July 1st.

Before July 1st:    $214.25 + $5 Service Charge + 5% GST = $230.25

July 1st and beyond:  $214.25 + $5 Service Charge + 12% HST = $245.50

( Outraged by the extra tax?  Sign the petition -

$214.25 is the price before the included 5%GST)


Extra Fees:

Summary: There are extra fees for the following:

- Parking (per vehicle, more for RV's) - $20 /car / day

*(except carpool vehicles that arrive after Friday 8am and are full to capacity)


- Camping (per person, for Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Monday or Tuesday nights) - $10 / person / day

*(Camping is included in your RV parking cost if you are staying in the RV)


Due to the overhwelming, intractable limitations on available parking space on-site:

  • ALL parking this year will be pay parking every night.   
  • The cost is going to be $20 per car per day on-site, straight up.
  • The only exception to this rule are vehicles that show up after Friday
    at 8am, that are full to legal capacity.  These full carpool vehicles
    receive free parking through Sunday night.

RV's and other giant vehicles will be measured and charged extra for parking, depending upon how much space they take up in relation to a normal car.  You are basically going to pay $20 per car-sized space per night.

  • Giant RV's or fifth wheel trailers that take up the most room will now be paying proportionally to the amount of costs that the event has incurred in the quest to have more parking created on their behalf.

In order to minimize the cost of your journey, you are earnestly encouraged to:

  • Arrive and stay for the show, i.e. Friday -> Monday. 
  • Car pool!  leave unnecessary cars off-site if you can, or if you are arriving early unpack and move your car back off site (you will be refunded your unused parking fees you paid by doing so).
  • Camp in a tent, not a giant RV.  RV's are wonderful things in their own right, but they are not really appropriate to soundwave's format- and with increasing attendance they are a nightmare to accommodate (effectively evicting or displacing multiple carloads of other people, which really sucks for them!)

All three of the above, and pay no extra fees whatsoever!


Camping: (arriving early or staying late)

Your wristband covers camping from Friday through Sunday nights.

If you choose to arrive early or stay late (and we really prefer if you do not do either of these things),

  • There will be a $10 per person per night camping fee.
  • This applies to Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday nights as well as Monday and Tuesday nights.
  • You do not have to pay this $10 camping fee if you are staying inside an RV that is already paying the RV fee.  But if you arrive in the RV and then bust out your tent to camp in outside the RV, then the camping fee applies.


Extra Fees due on arrival (important!):

When you arrive on-site, you will be expected to have brought money with you to cover the appropriate extra charges.

We will be posting signage at the end of the paved road to this effect but really it depends on advance knowledge and cooperation from everybody for things to go smoothly.

This year there is going to be absolutely NO "list" of any kind at the door, and fees will be charged to absolutely everybody coming through the gate, whether staff, organizer, whatever.  Those who are staff and working must seek whoever hired them and get reimbursed once they are on-site at the show.

It is our hope that this will do a great deal to speed up the front gate and to eliminate many of the bottlenecks  that have been experienced in the past.

Extra fee example calculations:

Here are some examples of the pricing that will be in effect at the gate:

Arriving friday daytime car pool with 4 people
Your car is full to capacity and you do not pay for parking.  (Free!  $0 per person)

Arrivng friday daytime in a single occupancy vehicle:
- parking for Friday -> Sunday = 3 days @ $20/day x 1 car = $60 total ($60 per person)

Arriving wednesday with 3 people, leaving Tuesday:
- parking for Wednesday -> Monday = 6 days @ $20/day x 1 car = $120 total
- camping for Wednesday/Thursday/Monday  nights = 3 days @ $10/day x 3 people = $90
- Total: $210 ($70 per person)

Arriving Wednesday with 2 people in the car, dropping off your stuff, and getting your car offsite on thursday:
- Parking for Wednesday only = 1 day @ $20/day x 1 car = $20
- Camping for 2 people for Wednesday and thursday nights = 2 days @ $10/day x 2 people = $40
- Total:  $60 ($30 per person)

Arriving Thursday in a giant 100' long fifth wheel truck & trailer RV combo with 4 people inside, 2 who camp in the RV, 2 of whom disembark to camp in tents, leaving Tuesday:
- Parking for the RV 5 cars worth of space for Thursday -> Sunday = 4 days @ $100 / day (5 cars worth of space) - $400  (camping fees are included in this for those staying in the RV)

- Camping for 2 people (the tenters) Thursday and Monday nights = 2 days @ $10/day x 2 people = $40
- Total: $440 ($110 per person)


Ticket Outlet Locations

Below is the list of ticket outlets.  Tickets are now on sale!   


Tickets were available Online through June 18th, thanks to Be Loud Web Services

Online ticket sales are now closed.   If you have ordered a ticket, You should receive it in the mail right around July 2nd or July 3rd.


Tickets in Vancouver at:

Subeez Cafe

891 Homer Street - (604) 687-6107

Waazubee Cafe

1622 Commercial Drive - (604) 253-5299

Cottonmouth Smoke Shop

1120 Davie St. - (604) 331-1602

Beat Street Records

439 West Hastings St. - (604) 683-3344

Tickets in Victoria at:

Whitebird Forward Music and Fashion

768 Yates St. - (250) 380-7040

Sacred Herb

101-561 Johnson St. - (250) 384-0659


Tickets in Nanaimo at:

Lucid Records & Clothing

35 Commercial Street - (250) 753-3571


Tickets in Duncan at:

A Head of the Tymes

245 Kenneth Street - (250) 746-8963

Tickets in Courtenay at:

A Head of the Tymes

127 5th Street - (250) 898-8489


on the West Coast at:

Tofitian Cafe

1180 Pacific Rim Hwy, Tofino

(250) 725-2631


Roman's Pizza & Grill

1636 Peninsula Rd, Ucluelet 

 (250) 726-2888



in Kelowna at:

Tweaked &  Yummy Vintage Apparel

1292 Ellis Street- 778-478-9986

and in Edmonton at:

Treehouse Records

10249 97 street - 780-428-7334


Foosh Records & Apparel

10544C 82 Ave - 780-491-4980


and in Calgary at:

PK Sound
511 36th Ave SE

Giant 45
329A 17th Ave SW Calgary

    Soundwave Video