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Westcoast British Columbia          

( ( ( Soundwave 2011 ) ) )

The Meadow

The Meadow

The Meadow - Schedule

Friday July 10th    

12:00PM-1:30PM  Dave Friendly
1:30PM-3:00PM    Bernadino

The Meadow 2010 Lineup!

••• Mikael Stavostrand •••
(Sunset Diskos/Lick My Deck/Highgrade) Stockholm

••• Alex Smoke •••
(HumHaw/Vakant/Soma) Glasgow

••• Jason Short •••
(Auralism/Karloff/Lobotomy) San Francisco

••• Jon Delerious •••
(Nordic Trax) Calgary

••• Neighbour •••
(Homebreakin'/Punchout/Jalapeno/Kolour) Vancouver

••• Wax Romeo •••
(Plant Music/Stirling Agency) Calgary

••• Smalltown DJs •••
(Plant Music/Stirling Agency) Calgary

Ragdoll - LIVE
(Blufin/Frequenza) Vancouver

Inkwell - LIVE
(Danksoul) Vancouver

Bron  & Dane Gretzky
(Danksoul) Vancouver/Edmonton

(Standard Method/Aspect Media/Wanted!) Vancouver

Aspect Unknown
(Aspect Media/Wanted!/Technicolor) Vancouver

Joann Foxx
(Aspect Media/Westwave) Vancouver

(Aspect Media/Manglebots) Vancouver

(Aspect Media/Manglebots) Vancouver

Robin Bank$
(Wanted!/Technicolor) Vancouver

Miss Myte
(Aspect Media/Subversive/Technicolor) Vancouver

Daniel Bull
(Aspect Media/Subversive) Vancouver

Jesse Bru
(Aspect Media/Technicolor) Vancouver

Luke Summers
(Aspect Media/Technicolor) Vancouver

The Hobbyist - LIVE
(Aspect Media) Vancouver

Mr. Moe
(Renegade/Splifftone Sounds) Vancouver

Thom Banks
(Renegade/ESP/Big Head Knights) Victoria

M. Gerrard & Major Tom
(DE Kollektiv) Vancouver/Toronto

Wookie & Joshua
(Sunset Collaborations/Surfshack/Sweatshop) Vancouver

Mama Miche & Kenzie Clark
(Bitchin'/Stirling Agency) Calgary/Victoria

Abasi  & Glyn
(Intimate/SiGNAL/LLW) Vancouver

(') Vancouver

Steamboat Fatty
( Scouts) Vancouver

Gordon Blunt
(BluntFaktory) Victoria

Nick Girard
(Aspect Media) Vancouver

(Manglebots) Vancouver

(Manglebots) Vancouver

Matt Hudolin
(Familee/Manglebots) Vancouver

Dave Friendly
(Familee/Exert/Red Events) Vancouver

Unka Moosey 
(The Big House) Vancouver


The Animal Kollektiv
James Boatman (Wagon Repair) Vancouver - DJ
Mike McSuede (Wagon Repair) Vancouver - DJ 
Dirt Crew (Mood Music/Trapez) Berlin - DJ
Thugfucker (Brique Rouge) Berlin - DJ
with vocals by Ingrid Hakanson

More names to come!

Dave Friendly - Soundwave Promo 2010

Artist / Performer: 

62:02 minutes (56.8 MB)

Deep Tech House Vibes for your Mind, Body and Soul...

Bron - Soundwave workout tapes Vol 1

Artist / Performer: 

79:47 minutes (73.05 MB)

Dj Dave Friendly - DE Radio Podcast Live at Familee (April 17 2010)

Artist / Performer: 

64:06 minutes (88.02 MB)

Live Set recorded at Familee Afterhours, April 17, 2010... Vancouver, Canada. Deep House.

The Hobbyist - I taught a robot to play the piano

22:47 minutes (52.16 MB)

Jason Filipchuk performs Live PA as The Hobbyist

Chill Zone Friday night 10-12
The Meadow Stage Sat night/ Sunday morning 5am bringing up the sun
Chill Zone Sunday evening 6-8

The Hobbyist-Sea Change/See Change

23:22 minutes (53.49 MB)

Jason Filipchuk performing as "The Hobbyist"
Live PA melodic electronic / IDM set @ The Meadow Stage Saturday @5am
and Live PA psychedelic down tempo set @ Chill Zone Sunday afternoon.

Counterw8 MixXxed v 2.0

67:50 minutes (155.42 MB)

All Tracks © ® Counterw8™
Track Listing
01) 0:00:00 Could This Be The Love * Da Whyte Folkz
02) 0:05:06 The Reason * Casey Nefcy (Counterw8 Re:Edit)
03) 0:10:15 Talk To Me * Healing Touch (Tasho's Deadly Dub)
04) 0:12:18 Pinner 2 Winner * Hipp-E & Casey Nefcy
05) 0:16:53 Some Place Else * (Hipp-E's Neo Disco Deconstruction Remix)

Bron - One Beautiful Morning (Renegade/ The Meadow 2010 promo)

Artist / Performer: 

76:20 minutes (104.83 MB)

Dj Matt Hudolin - "Line-In Profile/May 2010" (Deep Tech House Mix)

Artist / Performer: 

74:38 minutes (85.41 MB)

Since 2008, Matt Hudolin has shown Vancouver how his passion of house music has made him one of the city's most anticipated up-and-coming talents. Launching his career at the Anza Club alongside local tech-house legend Tom Thomas, Matt was rapidly recognized as the fresh face who could embody the best of both techno and house in the underground scene.

Dj Dave Friendly - "What The...?!" (Deep Mix - June 2010)

Artist / Performer: 

77:42 minutes (88.93 MB)

Deep, Funky House Vibes... for Your Mind, Body and Soul.

Soltek - Message from Edonia

70:29 minutes (96.81 MB)

Nikki live at Soundwave 2007 - HQ Communications Chill Zone

Artist / Performer: 
Click to play
125:42 minutes (115.08 MB)

chill drum n bass set, soundwave 2007

Dave Friendly - Bouncing to the Deep End 2009

Artist / Performer: 

75:34 minutes (69.18 MB)

Dave Friendly (Exert/Red Events, Vancouver)
Deep House Vibes... for your Mind, Body and Soul.

Pony - Presence

Artist / Performer: 

72:25 minutes (82.87 MB)

GANO - Swingin It Side to Side

Artist / Performer: 

65:05 minutes (148.95 MB)

More of a side to side groove.

Crystal Adare - Keep it Deep

Artist / Performer: 
Crystal Adare

75:19 minutes (68.95 MB)

Crystal Adare (Substance, Vancouver)

Pony - Strictures

Artist / Performer: 

69:46 minutes (95.8 MB)


Dave Friendly - Pumpin' Deep 2009

79:05 minutes (72.41 MB)

Dave Friendly (Exert/Red Events, Vancouver)
Deep, Pumpin' House Vibes... For your Mind, Body and Soul.

tropism - Minima1tribe

75:28 minutes (172.73 MB)


Elijah - "A Lot of People Are Doing it These Days"

Artist / Performer: 

45:58 minutes (42.09 MB)

Elijah - MaNgLeBoT Dj's, Vancouver B.C.

Change Droppers- Soundwaveset08

87:51 minutes (201.09 MB)

Jason Filipchuck and Jonathon Aiello
live on meadow stage

Daniel Bull - Second Winter

54:51 minutes (75.34 MB)

Daniel Bull - April 09

52:40 minutes (72.32 MB)

Clocktower Records Demo Reel - 2009

11:51 minutes (27.11 MB)

This is a short demo reel of some of the productions off of Clocktower Records in the past 2 years. Full length copies of the tracks can be purchased here:

Aspect Unknown - Have A Nice Trip!

79:43 minutes (109.47 MB)

Latest mix by Aspect Unknown for Soundwave 2009. Makes the amazing scenery on the way out to Mussel Beach much more enjoyable!

Day & Night

Artist / Performer: 

62:08 minutes (85.33 MB)


Artist / Performer: 

62:58 minutes (86.48 MB)

A Techouse mix inspired by my two Fave summer Places. Enjoy


Artist / Performer: 

77:00 minutes (105.75 MB)

Aspect Unknown - Guilty by Dissociation

74:13 minutes (67.95 MB)

A DJ mix of minimal proportions...

Geoff Pye

Artist / Performer: 

79:55 minutes (182.93 MB)

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The Meadow