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Westcoast British Columbia          

( ( ( Soundwave 2011 ) ) )

HQ Communications Chill Zone

HQ Communications Chill Area


HQ Chill Zone Schedule


3pm - 5pm    GNOSIS
5pm - 7pm    BERNARDINO
7pm - 10pm   K-RAD
2am - 4am    MR. BRADLEY SHENDE

HQ Chill Stage 2010 Line-Up



Anyone remember “Experiment” or “Poo” ? Well the larger than life, living legend known as Czech, brings on the funky downbeat vibe to add yet another dimension to the aural delights of the Soundwave experience. Kick back and chillax to the sounds of the Master Bater!


Pleasure Frequency

Pleasure Frequency

Over the past ten years, Pleasure Frequency has been a staple in the Vancouver electronic music and Live PA scene. Performing shows, organizing communities (Black Hole Club) as well as promoting popular events and club nights. His collaborative hard techno projects are superseded only by his fearsome solo downtempo performances. His music has been described as "layers of soundscape that cushion the tummy-thumping slow-booming bass drum." and "A slow motion explosion that is both intense and relaxing all at once, like getting a foot massage after hours and hours of dancing." Part minimal, part groovy, a little crunchy, very melodic and always chill. Now residing in Victoria, the island life is having a wonderfully profound influence on his music.



The Hobbyist

The Hobbyist

Experimenting with various styles, The Hobbyist (aka Jason Filipchuk) a Vancouver based electronic musician, stays away from recycled samples or prescribed beats that fit into set genres. His music delights the mind with complex and refreshing soundscapes while keeping the rhythmic ebbs, flows and pulses of dance music.

The Hobbyist draws on his love for the singer- songwriters that he grew up with such as John Prine and Towns Van Zandt and injects that sense of storytelling and craft into his electronic pieces; often incorporating audio recordings of friends, family and unsuspecting strangers.

After spending years recording and touring with electronic and industrial bands, Jason has spent the last year in his studio preparing for his first solo-album release and summer tour of Western Canada. The Hobbyist's Live PA sets are a sight to behold and hear, mixing a glut of gear into deftly orchestrated layers of sound.


Pari Kishi

Pari Kishi

Pan Ambient Cascadia/TKG/Decibel Festival

Born in Bristol, Parinaz Kishi fell in love with the DJ scene whilst growing up in Hong Kong. Now based in Vancouver, her sound is rooted in old school Jungle, Drum’n’Bass, Electro, Ambient and Breaks which is delivered with a passionate energy.

Parinaz Kishi has rocked venues in Hong Kong and Vancouver and finds that her Bass playing "keeps the groove true, and at one with the energy of the dance floor."

However it's spinning Ambient music that allows Kishi to complete the circle, because "to be whole we need the space to chill."




is a music project with sincere intention. The music has been created for the sake of sound vibration and heart. The industrial melodies and beats are mixed with strong, soft female vocals creating a balance between hard and sweet without residing in the middle.

remixes self produced tracks, and sings live, resulting in connection between the electronic music and ones own breath and sound.  


DJ Field

DJ Field

Field aka DJ Field remains on his quest to unearth the freshest sonic vistas from around the world. Inspired by the hybrid musical evolution of electronic, ambient, dub, ethno & lounge, Field is best known to unite modern cross-cultural musical boundaries, introducing to the listeners a new breed of indigenous digital organic music.



Aspect Unknown

Aspect Unknown



Mr. Bradley Shende

Bradley Shende
Currently a citizen-student of the digital divide who believes in the democratization of media. Born in winnnipeg, baptised in tokyo and living in vancouver, Bradley is currently creating work in video, web, mobile, push-pull interactivity, and education - combining all into new media. His live electronic compositions are a treat for your ears, heart and soul!


G I Blunt

GI Blunt

An active creator in Vancouver's underground electronic dance scene since the early 90's Papa Blunt has been DJing since 1997 . First starting as a trip hop and chill out specialist to branch out into the realm of mixed beets of house, electro and deep tech in 2000. G.I. will be blending a smooth mixture of deep minimal sound scapes, and groovy melodies to take you on a journey into the world of thoughts and dreams ....


Timbrejacks (Steve Intrinsic & Randal D)


tim·bre (pron. tamber)
The combination of qualities of a sound that distinguishes it from other sounds of the same pitch and volume.
Lumberjacks work with lumber. Timbrejacks work with timbres… The duo of Steve Intrinsic and Randal D have been playing records for well over a decade, having been influenced by the deeper end of the spectrum, starting on vinyl way back in the 90s in their hometown, Ottawa. They frequently perform together in Vancouver, playing a vast diaspora of music genres, all of which share a common thread of depth and positive energetic resonance. Performing Friday in the dark for a 2 hour set and again on either Saturday or Sunday for an epic 4 hour journey of chill beach vibes, you'll want to make sure and stop by and cool out with this dynamic pair! | |


SteamBoat Fattie

Steamboat Fattie

Steamboat Fattie's true identity is Mark Brennan, who became known and loved for his off-the-hook after-hours parties in Vancouver back in the day.

Although notorious now as a funky party rockin' dancefloor motivator, Mark's first forays into mixing were with downtempo; weaving long, eclectic Sunday chillout sets. This Soundwave at HQ, he revisits his mellow side.

Come lay yourself out on the lawn, burn one down, and get your chill on to a soundtrack of spaced-out dub, trippy soul, and tasty, seaside grooves.











BassFission Studios

Visual artist, musician, Dj, and producer, active in the west coast electronic culture for the past decade. Utilizing live remixing as his sets evolve, Jerms will touch your soul w/ his deep chilled groove.




my bio..i just got a gig playing once a month @ the Nelson...umm..i don't really have to much to say after that...about music.. i LOVE it and thats why were all here....




HQ Com/Ahimsa Communications

"Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our mind"

Intrinsic Rhythm - Relief System Sequence

Artist / Performer: 

74:29 minutes (170.5 MB)

1. Coyote - How You Doin'
2. Soiree - Overgroomed
3. Black Sabbath - Planet Caravan (DJ Steef remix)
4. Zeb - Zindagi (Vocals by Alook Mehta)
5. Coyote - Mongolia
6. Bangles - Dub Like an Egyptian (Todd Terje Edit)
7. Loop Guru - The Fine Line Between Passion And Fear
8. Coyote - Single Handed

The Hobbyist-Long Long Day

22:45 minutes (52.09 MB)

Jason Filipchuk performs as The Hobbyist
Live PA @ The Chill Zone Fri 10-midnight
Live PA melodic electronic/ IDM/ psychedelic set @ The Meadow Stage Sun @5am
Live PA psychedelic down-tempo set @ The Chill Zone Sunday @ 6-8pm


Counterw8 MixXxed v 2.0

67:50 minutes (155.42 MB)

All Tracks © ® Counterw8™
Track Listing
01) 0:00:00 Could This Be The Love * Da Whyte Folkz
02) 0:05:06 The Reason * Casey Nefcy (Counterw8 Re:Edit)
03) 0:10:15 Talk To Me * Healing Touch (Tasho's Deadly Dub)
04) 0:12:18 Pinner 2 Winner * Hipp-E & Casey Nefcy
05) 0:16:53 Some Place Else * (Hipp-E's Neo Disco Deconstruction Remix)

jerms - earth set 2009

Artist / Performer: 

74:06 minutes (169.59 MB)

easy listening step-no

Spineshaker : Angry School Girl Mix

Artist / Performer: 

59:39 minutes (54.61 MB)

Check out DJ Spineshaker's ( latest mix.

HQ Communications Chill Zone - 2009 Set Times

Click "Read More" to see the full list!


JOEAVE vs. HOLISTIC    17:00    DJ

Nikki live at Soundwave 2007 - HQ Communications Chill Zone

Artist / Performer: 
Click to play
125:42 minutes (115.08 MB)

chill drum n bass set, soundwave 2007

K-Rad live at Soundwave 2007 - HQ Communications Chill Zone

Artist / Performer: 
Click to play
123:48 minutes (283.36 MB)

downtempo hip hop and ambient set

Change Droppers- Soundwaveset08

87:51 minutes (201.09 MB)

Jason Filipchuck and Jonathon Aiello
live on meadow stage

Kuma - The Alchemical Composition of the Heart

71:28 minutes (98.15 MB)

a new downtempo mix from Kuma from the Art of Beats collective

DJ Soo - Megablend set #2

16:27 minutes (37.65 MB)

This is a second set I made for said DJ competition in Vancouver - this one won me the whole thing :)
01. Johnny Cash - A Boy Named Soo
02. LL Cool J - Mama Said Knock You Out (Z-Trip remix)
03. Ol' Dirty Bastard feat. Kelis vs Mark Ronson - Got Your Money (dj soo edit)
04. Missy Elliot - Ching-A-Ling (instr)
05. The O'Jays - For The Love Of Money

DJ Soo - Megablend set1

16:16 minutes (37.23 MB)

Just a quick 15 minute set I made for a DJ competition in Van
01. Intro
02. 20th Century Fox Theme
03. Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock - It Takes Two
04. Mr Oizo feat. Carmen Castro - Two Takes It
05. Kelis vs Fort Knox 5 - Milkshake (dj soo edit)
06. Cypress Hill - Insane In The Brain (instr)
07. Stevie Wonder - Superstition (J-Roc remx // dj soo edit)
08. Z-Trip - blending interlude

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HQ Communications Chill Zone