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Westcoast British Columbia          

( ( ( Soundwave 2011 ) ) )

2010 Performer Promos

Here you will find uploaded promo sets by soundwave performers.  The sets are sorted in order of arrival, and can also be found at the bottom of each sound stage.

If you are looking for someone in particular, try searching for their name on this page (or in the search box top right)

Dave Friendly - Soundwave Promo 2010

Artist / Performer: 

62:02 minutes (56.8 MB)

Deep Tech House Vibes for your Mind, Body and Soul...

Boatman Lotus Set

Artist / Performer: 

93:15 minutes (213.43 MB)

Hey Everyone,


Wood 'n' Soo - The Spit Roast

75:15 minutes (137.92 MB)


 1. DJ Wood - Wood 'n' Soo Intro 

Bron - Soundwave workout tapes Vol 1

Artist / Performer: 

79:47 minutes (73.05 MB)

Dj Dave Friendly - DE Radio Podcast Live at Familee (April 17 2010)

Artist / Performer: 

64:06 minutes (88.02 MB)

Live Set recorded at Familee Afterhours, April 17, 2010... Vancouver, Canada. Deep House.

Mr. Sofalumpkins & Dr. Funkinchunkin

27:19 minutes (62.51 MB)

Dueling live Pa

Calibre - live at Soundwave 2009

78:55 minutes (180.62 MB)

Calibre's sunday night set from last year.

This file has some rough sound quality right at the beginning but it gets better!    And what great music!

Solomonic Sound - live at Soundwave 2009

113:44 minutes (260.32 MB)

Solomonic Sound live at the Liquid Soul Sound Stage, sw2009


The quality of this recording is not the best (especially right at the start )

...but it's too good not to release!!    

The Hobbyist - I taught a robot to play the piano

22:47 minutes (52.16 MB)

Jason Filipchuk performs Live PA as The Hobbyist

Chill Zone Friday night 10-12
The Meadow Stage Sat night/ Sunday morning 5am bringing up the sun
Chill Zone Sunday evening 6-8

"The Mutt Mixx" by Tedder and Outsider

Artist / Performer: 

64:02 minutes (146.56 MB)

Track List:

Intrinsic Rhythm - Relief System Sequence

Artist / Performer: 

74:29 minutes (170.5 MB)

1. Coyote - How You Doin'
2. Soiree - Overgroomed
3. Black Sabbath - Planet Caravan (DJ Steef remix)
4. Zeb - Zindagi (Vocals by Alook Mehta)
5. Coyote - Mongolia
6. Bangles - Dub Like an Egyptian (Todd Terje Edit)
7. Loop Guru - The Fine Line Between Passion And Fear
8. Coyote - Single Handed

The Hobbyist-Long Long Day

22:45 minutes (52.09 MB)

Jason Filipchuk performs as The Hobbyist
Live PA @ The Chill Zone Fri 10-midnight
Live PA melodic electronic/ IDM/ psychedelic set @ The Meadow Stage Sun @5am
Live PA psychedelic down-tempo set @ The Chill Zone Sunday @ 6-8pm


Solomon Potashnick - warm up to the wave part om

Artist / Performer: 
Solomon Potashnick

64:24 minutes (147.4 MB)


1. Blume Der Nacht (original mix) DJ Koze
2. Walk
Tall (original mix) Glimpse
3. Lac De Nivelles (original mix) Marc
Romboy, Rodriguez Jr.
4. Where Is It? (Steve Bug's 9 Minutes Of
Freedom Remix) Will Saul, Tam Cooper, Steve Bug
5. Hey Hey (DF's
Attention Vocal Mix) Dennis Ferrer
6. Afrique feat. H.O.S.H.

The Hobbyist-Sea Change/See Change

23:22 minutes (53.49 MB)

Jason Filipchuk performing as "The Hobbyist"
Live PA melodic electronic / IDM set @ The Meadow Stage Saturday @5am
and Live PA psychedelic down tempo set @ Chill Zone Sunday afternoon.

Special ED - Easy Now

Artist / Performer: 
Special ED

67:13 minutes (153.85 MB)

Special ED - Soundwave Teaser 2010

Artist / Performer: 
Special ED

36:27 minutes (33.38 MB)

Special ED - Soundwave Teaser "The Beach"

Artist / Performer: 
Special ED

56:28 minutes (129.24 MB)

Counterw8 MixXxed v 2.0

67:50 minutes (155.42 MB)

All Tracks © ® Counterw8™
Track Listing
01) 0:00:00 Could This Be The Love * Da Whyte Folkz
02) 0:05:06 The Reason * Casey Nefcy (Counterw8 Re:Edit)
03) 0:10:15 Talk To Me * Healing Touch (Tasho's Deadly Dub)
04) 0:12:18 Pinner 2 Winner * Hipp-E & Casey Nefcy
05) 0:16:53 Some Place Else * (Hipp-E's Neo Disco Deconstruction Remix)

Bron - One Beautiful Morning (Renegade/ The Meadow 2010 promo)

Artist / Performer: 

76:20 minutes (104.83 MB)

jerms - earth set 2009

Artist / Performer: 

74:06 minutes (169.59 MB)

easy listening step-no

Dj Matt Hudolin - "Line-In Profile/May 2010" (Deep Tech House Mix)

Artist / Performer: 

74:38 minutes (85.41 MB)

Since 2008, Matt Hudolin has shown Vancouver how his passion of house music has made him one of the city's most anticipated up-and-coming talents. Launching his career at the Anza Club alongside local tech-house legend Tom Thomas, Matt was rapidly recognized as the fresh face who could embody the best of both techno and house in the underground scene.

Dj Dave Friendly - "What The...?!" (Deep Mix - June 2010)

Artist / Performer: 

77:42 minutes (88.93 MB)

Deep, Funky House Vibes... for Your Mind, Body and Soul.

DJ Kenzie Clarke - Spring Ahead

47:58 minutes (109.78 MB)

Special ED - "Lazy Sunday"

Artist / Performer: 
Special ED

45:16 minutes (103.61 MB)

A perfect mix for a lazy Sunday.

Spineshaker : Angry School Girl Mix

Artist / Performer: 

59:39 minutes (54.61 MB)

Check out DJ Spineshaker's ( latest mix.

Special ED - KMC Vol. 3 "Seperate Ways"

Artist / Performer: 
Special ED

56:12 minutes (128.63 MB)

Special ED - KMC Vol. 2 "Changes"

Artist / Performer: 
Special ED

57:50 minutes (132.38 MB)

Ekeem - Rude Bwoy Mix

Artist / Performer: 

70:23 minutes (80.86 MB)

Suave Assassins - Liquid Soul Stage artist retrospective

124:45 minutes (171.32 MB)

A 2 hour retrospective of tunes from Calibre, Mutt, Moving Fusion, and Dieselboy

Unfortuntely I had a computer incident which left me without the tracklist for now, but all of the tunes are announced throughout the mix, so you'll know whats up ; )

Enjoy, and see you there!

Special ED "Soundwave Teaser #2

Artist / Performer: 
Special ED

44:48 minutes (102.54 MB)

Yet more of a tease for you!

Wood 'n' Soo - Mangladeshin'

79:44 minutes (73.01 MB)

Wood 'n' Soo - Mangladeshin'

Wood 'n' Soo's first 4-deck mix

[01] Lynn Collins - Think
[02] Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock - It Takes Two (Think Mix)
[03] Queen Latifah - Dance For Me (Acapella)
[04] Wicked Lester - Gravy Train Runnin
[05] Mr. Scruff & Quantic - It's Dancing Time
[06] Beastie Boys - Triple Trouble (Acapella)
[07] Power Jam ft Chill Rob G - The Power (Acapella)

Mat the Alien - Slow? Fast? Mix Jan 2009

77:52 minutes (71.65 MB)

Special ED "Soundwave Teaser"

62:03 minutes (142.02 MB)

Alittle taste of what is to come

Degree One live at Soundwave 2008 Liquid Soul

61:57 minutes (56.71 MB)

Degree's Sunday night set from Liquid Soul

Chicken George - Soundwave 10 Year Anniversary Radio Jazztronica

Click to play
68:39 minutes (157.35 MB)

a new CG soundwave 10 mix!


Artist / Performer: 

31:29 minutes (57.64 MB)

A little Rinse Session prior to the DubRiddim 3 BassWeight party here in victoria July 5th at the SunsetRoom.
enjoy and see all you S.Waver's Saturday morning 7am on the Liquid Soul Sound Stage.


PacDubs Intro
OSC-Rockers Delight-Steps In Time Recordings

longwalkshortdock - Live at Soundwave 2007 - dailektik

Click to play
93:07 minutes (213.13 MB)

longwalkshortdock sunday night crowd pleaser from the dailektik stage, soundwave 2007! A classic!!

Gobe PodCastfromBassCoast 27032009

Artist / Performer: 

40:40 minutes (55.86 MB) presents:
Gobe PodCastfromBassCoast 27032009

Alyah-RuThatSomebody(rhythmicon rmx)-ChainSaw
RSD-Over it
Skream-If you know
South3rn-LuditesDub-Clandestine Cultivations
Ramadanman-Bidding War-Tempa
Ramadanman - Core-Soul Jazz

Soltek - Message from Edonia

70:29 minutes (96.81 MB)

Ekeem - live at Soundwave 2007 - dailektik

Artist / Performer: 
Click to play
73:40 minutes (168.61 MB)

Ekeem's dialektik set from 2007 - burly beats!

Nikki live at Soundwave 2007 - HQ Communications Chill Zone

Artist / Performer: 
Click to play
125:42 minutes (115.08 MB)

chill drum n bass set, soundwave 2007

K-Rad live at Soundwave 2007 - HQ Communications Chill Zone

Artist / Performer: 
Click to play
123:48 minutes (283.36 MB)

downtempo hip hop and ambient set

K-Rad live at Soundwave 2008 - Renegade Soundsystem

Artist / Performer: 

101:46 minutes (93.17 MB)

downtempo set from Saturday morning Renegade 2008.

Ghetto live at Soundwave 2008 - Renegade Soundsystem

129:00 minutes (118.1 MB)

Ghetto's Renegade set from Sunday morning last year

Dave Friendly - Bouncing to the Deep End 2009

Artist / Performer: 

75:34 minutes (69.18 MB)

Dave Friendly (Exert/Red Events, Vancouver)
Deep House Vibes... for your Mind, Body and Soul.

James Boatman live at Soundwave 2008 - Renegade Soundsystem

Artist / Performer: 

148:39 minutes (136.09 MB)

James Boatman's set from Saturday Morning, Renegade 2008

burly beat farmer - michael mix

Artist / Performer: 

62:12 minutes (72.23 MB)

Pony - Presence

Artist / Performer: 

72:25 minutes (82.87 MB)

Mr. Sofalumpkins & Dr. Funkinchunkin

15:19 minutes (35.05 MB)

Dueling Live PA " Masquerade Promo".

Here are a few of the Geniuskills tracks to let the people hears whats in store for them.

GANO - Swingin It Side to Side

Artist / Performer: 

65:05 minutes (148.95 MB)

More of a side to side groove.

DJ Wood 'n' Soo - 4 Wheel Drive

76:08 minutes (104.56 MB)

73 tracks surgicaly spliced together on 4 turntables spanning countless genres and styles. Featuring the vocal talents of Kia Kadiri and a special guest scratches from Mat The Alien.
[01] Wood'n'Soo - 4 Wheel Drive feat. Kia Kadiri
[02] Cutty Ranks - Limb By Limb (Aca)
[03] Terror Squad - Lean Back (Inst)
[04] Masta Ace - Born To Roll (Inst)
[05] The Cure - Close To Me (Remix)

Special ED - Deep, Dark & Heavy Mini Mix

Artist / Performer: 
Special ED

25:49 minutes (59.07 MB)

Just fooling around with some tunes I had heard in a long time.

Crystal Adare - Keep it Deep

Artist / Performer: 
Crystal Adare

75:19 minutes (68.95 MB)

Crystal Adare (Substance, Vancouver)

Pony - Strictures

Artist / Performer: 

69:46 minutes (95.8 MB)


Dave Friendly - Pumpin' Deep 2009

79:05 minutes (72.41 MB)

Dave Friendly (Exert/Red Events, Vancouver)
Deep, Pumpin' House Vibes... For your Mind, Body and Soul.

tropism - Minima1tribe

75:28 minutes (172.73 MB)


Elijah - "A Lot of People Are Doing it These Days"

Artist / Performer: 

45:58 minutes (42.09 MB)

Elijah - MaNgLeBoT Dj's, Vancouver B.C.

Spineshaker : Jellyfish Mixtape

Artist / Performer: 

56:36 minutes (51.82 MB)

DJ Spineshaker ( plays both slamming club sets, and mellow lounge sets. Here is a lounge set for the ride up/down to Soundwave!

AFK - June 2009 Promo - Pacific Front Sessions

59:50 minutes (82.3 MB)

DJ Remy - Unplugged (Original mix - intro) [Audio Therapy]
David West - Illectronics (Original mix) [Tolerant Recordings]
Bastards of Funk and Sonic Union - Glitter (Original mix) [Lowbit]
Orkidea - Metaverse (Jody Wisternoff remix) [AVA Recordings]
Somnus Corp and Emjay - Across the Border (Electrobios and Interplay remix) [Discoteca Music]

Change Droppers- Soundwaveset08

87:51 minutes (201.09 MB)

Jason Filipchuck and Jonathon Aiello
live on meadow stage

Daniel Bull - Second Winter

54:51 minutes (75.34 MB)

Daniel Bull - April 09

52:40 minutes (72.32 MB)

Clocktower Records Demo Reel - 2009

11:51 minutes (27.11 MB)

This is a short demo reel of some of the productions off of Clocktower Records in the past 2 years. Full length copies of the tracks can be purchased here:

Aspect Unknown - Have A Nice Trip!

79:43 minutes (109.47 MB)

Latest mix by Aspect Unknown for Soundwave 2009. Makes the amazing scenery on the way out to Mussel Beach much more enjoyable!


Artist / Performer: 

31:36 minutes (57.88 MB)

Gobe First Round of the WBNWJ Broken Beat DJCOMP
set 2
Jazzsteppa-BigSwingSound-Studio Rockers
Kulture-Diesel-Disfigured Dubz
Woogie-End Dub-Aufect
Vista-Exit Wounds-Rottun
Emalkay-Explicit-Dub Police
Giant-Rocker-Dub Police
Skream&Cluekid-Sandsnake-Disfigured Dubz


Artist / Performer: 

32:32 minutes (59.6 MB)

First Round of the 1st Annual WBNWJBroken Beat Dj competion
Gobe-NatureBoy BrokenBeat Intro
Billy Caldwell- What You Won't Do For Love(DZ rmx)-Slit Jockey
Skream-ShineIn-Deep Medi
Truth-Fatman-Deep Medi
Babylon System Feat Candy Vox-Hyphy-Argon
Babylon System & SPL-Gangster-Hollowpoint
Kosheen-Guilty (Plastician Remix)-white

Gobe – Farming the Steps -03.14.2009

Artist / Performer: 

38:30 minutes (88.13 MB)

Kromestar – Hype (Southside Recordings)
Stenchman – Sounds of the Future (Rottun Recordings)
Kromestar – Alien (Southside Recordings)
Vista – Exit Wound (Rottun Recordings)
Emalkay – Explicit (Dubpolice)
Distance – V (Chestplate)
Kryptic Minds – Six Degrees (Swamp 81)
Search & Destroy – Candyfloss (Loefah rmx) (Hotflush Recordings)
DZ – Break it Down (Badman Press)

K-Tron live at Soundwave 2008 - Renegade Soundsystem

75:44 minutes (69.34 MB)

Kenzie's set from Friday Afternoon, Renegade 2008

Dirt Crew @ Panorama Bar - Berlin 23.05.09

111:46 minutes (102.33 MB)

DJ Chicken George - Radio Jazztronica 5

47:48 minutes (109.55 MB)

T Power Mashup 2009

35:12 minutes (32.23 MB)

something new something old and something borrowed.

Tedder - long time coming

Artist / Performer: 

60:27 minutes (138.36 MB)

1. Robin Thicke – Lost Without You (mutt remix)
2. Spectrasoul – Tenderdoubt
3. Calibre – Don’t Mind
4. Commix feat steve spacek – How You Gonna Feel
5. Lenzman – Ever So Slightly
6. BCee & Lomax – One Year On
7. Mos Def – Panties (zero tolerance remix)
8. LTJ Bukem – Switch
9. Calibre feat drs – Be There
10. Mutt – The Motions

DJ Soo - Baby Boomer

54:41 minutes (75.09 MB)

This is a mix of classic rock, folk rock, and singer-songwriter rock Soo made for his parents and people of their generation - a huge hit at all the family parties during the xmas season!
DJ Soo - Baby Boomer
[01] Carole King - It's Too Late (DJ Illo Drum remix)
[02] The Beatles - In My Life
[03] Le Scratch Funk - From Scratch
[04] Smokey Robinson & The Miracles - The Tracks Of My Tears

Rob Paine - NYE Mix 2009

58:21 minutes (53.43 MB)

Kuma - The Alchemical Composition of the Heart

71:28 minutes (98.15 MB)

a new downtempo mix from Kuma from the Art of Beats collective

Casey Nefcy - Counterw8 Mixxxed Vol. 1.0

Artist / Performer: 

68:45 minutes (157.46 MB)

An all original mix featuring all unreleased material. All tracks produced by Casey Nefcy @ Counterw8 Studios SF.
Track listing - Track Name then Artist Name
01 Golden - Soul Reduction
02 That Biatch Hit pt. 2 - Soul Reduction
03 Hood rat Sh it - Master Channel
04 I Inhaled - Master Channel
05 Ova U? - Master Channel
06 Close II Me - Kooba*Case
07 The Reason - Kooba*Case

taperecorder - live at glitchkrieg

Artist / Performer: 

36:11 minutes (82.84 MB)

taperecorder live at montreal's glitchkrieg party. summer 2008

Tedder - sugar cane

Artist / Performer: 

66:55 minutes (91.9 MB)

01. st:cal - losing ground
02. ill logic & raf - reunited
03. marky & xrs - primetime
04. calibre feat. lariman - blink of an eye
05. q project - subliminal aura
06. benny page - turn down the lights
07. visionary - global emergency
08. ghetto fabulous - oh natty
09. dabbler - hard times
10. cls & wax - smooth out
11. shy fx & t power - feelings

Special ED "Summer Beats Vol. 5"

Artist / Performer: 
Special ED

61:28 minutes (140.68 MB)

Another mix I just banged out for your enjoyment. Starts off with the liquid and ends in '96 style jump up. Check it out!

Dirt Crew - You FM Mix

103:42 minutes (237.36 MB)

a rather tasty dj mix by Dirt Crew

Special ED - "Summer Beats Vol. #4

Artist / Performer: 
Special ED

49:32 minutes (113.39 MB)

Just recorded this on the fly no pre-planning as all my mixes are done. The result ass shakin bootay quakin goodness.  Be sure to check out the rest of my mixes here.

DJ Soo - Megablend set #2

16:27 minutes (37.65 MB)

This is a second set I made for said DJ competition in Vancouver - this one won me the whole thing :)
01. Johnny Cash - A Boy Named Soo
02. LL Cool J - Mama Said Knock You Out (Z-Trip remix)
03. Ol' Dirty Bastard feat. Kelis vs Mark Ronson - Got Your Money (dj soo edit)
04. Missy Elliot - Ching-A-Ling (instr)
05. The O'Jays - For The Love Of Money

DJ Soo - Megablend set1

16:16 minutes (37.23 MB)

Just a quick 15 minute set I made for a DJ competition in Van
01. Intro
02. 20th Century Fox Theme
03. Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock - It Takes Two
04. Mr Oizo feat. Carmen Castro - Two Takes It
05. Kelis vs Fort Knox 5 - Milkshake (dj soo edit)
06. Cypress Hill - Insane In The Brain (instr)
07. Stevie Wonder - Superstition (J-Roc remx // dj soo edit)
08. Z-Trip - blending interlude

Special ED - Fake Blood Mix

Artist / Performer: 
Special ED

27:35 minutes (25.26 MB)

My first non-Drum & Bass/non-Jungle mix. Sit back and enjoy!

Special ED - KMC

Artist / Performer: 
Special ED

58:59 minutes (54 MB)

I think this one of the best Drum & Bass mixes I have done to date and best represents my sound for Soundwave.

dj.elijah.......moOp... march.09

61:27 minutes (84.4 MB)

deep tech mix

DJ Chamberlain "Hey Yo" Feb09 mix

Artist / Performer: 

35:20 minutes (48.53 MB)

35 mins of Badness

DJs Wood 'n' Soo - Weekend Warriors

Artist / Performer: 

79:21 minutes (106.21 MB)

It's been a busy year for a couple of old chaps like us - between touring the country in May and supporting our hero DJ Z-Trip on Labour Day, it seems like nearly every weekend was spent driving to some remote location to rock a show and party with some of the coolest peeps under the sun.

Day & Night

Artist / Performer: 

62:08 minutes (85.33 MB)


Artist / Performer: 

62:58 minutes (86.48 MB)

A Techouse mix inspired by my two Fave summer Places. Enjoy


Artist / Performer: 

77:00 minutes (105.75 MB)

Dj Chamberlain Soundwave Preveiw

16:55 minutes (23.24 MB)

This is a Preveiw of things to come to hear the rest of it check out my set!!!

Aspect Unknown - Guilty by Dissociation

74:13 minutes (67.95 MB)

A DJ mix of minimal proportions...

Geoff Pye

Artist / Performer: 

79:55 minutes (182.93 MB)

Chamberlain-Feb08 Mix

Artist / Performer: 

31:58 minutes (29.26 MB)

Electro breaks mash up ozzing a load of funk

Special ED "Summer Beat Vol. #3"

Artist / Performer: 
Special ED

48:12 minutes (44.13 MB)

K-Rad - Synesthesia

Artist / Performer: 

84:01 minutes (153.85 MB)


84:16 minutes (192.86 MB)

jus a lil sumin i cooked up while the gurls were playin majik hahaha.....T

woodhead - signal sessions may 08

75:41 minutes (138.61 MB)

for more Woodhead - 

brooklyn radio mix by Mat The Alien

70:13 minutes (80.68 MB)

Mat the Alien - Brooklyn Radio Mix April 2008


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