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Westcoast British Columbia          

( ( ( Soundwave 2011 ) ) )

Volunteer thanks and update

The journey less ordinary is on the horizon and we here at Volunteer Headquarters wish to take a moment to express appreciation to all the skookum peeps who have signed up to volunteer at SOUNDWAVE 2010...soooo

We are giddy with delight at the positive response we have had with the Volunteer program this year.    The success of SOUNDWAVE depends, in large part, on the hard work and enthusiasm that the volunteers provide.  

We are stoked to meet all the newbie’s and, of course, to reconnect with all the returning veterans once again!

For those who are still eager to join the ranks ... unfortunately, at this time, there are no more shifts available to be scheduled in advance!  This is a fantastic feat that has never before been accomplished this early!

However, there's no need to fret!  After you've arrived at the site, please stop by the VOLUNTEER/FIRST AID tent and say "Hello" to our supportive onsite coordinators.  These extraordinary individuals will do their very best to help you to get your shift together (if there are any that are to be had).  Inevitably someone will have gotten too much sun and will be unable to present themselves for their shift...but hopefully, not many people!

Until then, travel safe and see you at the beach!


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