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Westcoast British Columbia          

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Soundwave 2010 Early Bird Tickets for Sale

Greetings, Soundwavers!    Our usual apologies for the usual information vacuum - updates will start flowing now to this web site, and also to the facebook group and page.

We are pleased to announce that Early-Bird tickets are now available for sale on the Soundwave web site - at the early-bird price of $185.    Order them using the Order 2010 Tickets Online button on the right hand side of this page! 

Please remember that you must be 19+ with ID to attend soundwave.   There are no exceptions to this rule, or refunds offered if you fail to plan for it.


Please note that the final price for Soundwave 2010 tickets has not yet been determined (while we confirm the last few bookings).  Therefore, we are doing what we always do, which is sell early bird tickets at last year's full price.  

Once the wirstbands are available for sale at the ticket outlets, these online early-bird sales will end!      We are trying something new and cool this year for the wristbands, that will hopefully top last year's (which glowed in the dark).  We believe we are on the right path, but we have to wait another 15 business days for them to arrive.  So that means that these cheap pre-sales will be available for at least a couple of weeks.

Some of you will no doubt want to know whether it is cheaper to wait for the final tickets to arrive at the higher price, or to pay the $14 shipping for online tickets.  This is a very good question, but a hard one to answer at this time.   It's probably a safe bet the final price will go up at least (or maybe exactly) $15 based on soundwaves in the past.   So yes, you will probably save money purchasing an early-bird, despite the cost of shipping.   And you don't have to leave your computer chair, which is pretty convenient, if we do say so ourselves.

So stay tuned, and as information gets finalized, we'll post it here.



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