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Westcoast British Columbia          

( ( ( Soundwave 2011 ) ) )

Parking for 2010 - New plan, new fees

 June 27th Edit:  Cars arriving on Friday that are full to capacity of people (ie. a full carpool) will get free parking through Sunday night. 

June 19th Edit:  The plan for off-site parking with shuttles has been abandoned in favour of excavating more on-site parking.  $20/car/day charges apply as described below:

This year's Soundwave event, as always, will include camping for the full length of the festival's run-time.  However, there WILL be additional charges for vehicle parking at this year's event.  Read on for the latest details.

Each year we have strived to keep up with the increasing space that is demanded by this growing festival.  This demand is most noticeable always in the need for more space to park vehicles.  Yet, the vehicles continue to get larger and larger, and to have less and less people in each of them.

This year, we're trying to reverse this trend and to encourage people to leave room for others, and to embrace the original 'campout' concept that is really what this venue and, indeed, this event are designed for and has always been closer to the essence of our intentions.  To this end ... and because we just can't create any more room on the site, we've decided to expand on what was done last year, and to charge for all vehicle parking on or approaching the event site. We hope that this will help to curb the 5th wheel culture that has been developing at the event and to encourage more effective and cooperative carpooling behaviors as we move forward.

These fees will be charged on a per vehicle, per day basis (not per person, so please's both fiscally AND environmentally responsible).
They will also be based upon proximity to the event site, and distance of shuttle trip.

There will also be further additional parking charges for oversized vehicles (motorhomes, trailers, etc.).  These charges will be based upon each vehicle's overall length and width when stationary.

For those upset by this change, please consider the difficult spot we are in regarding parking, the cost we are undertaking to create more, and...

Sasquatch Festival - The Gorge Amphitheater
-Adm. $350 ea.
-Wkd Prkg & Cmpg $150/pers.
-Prkg only.  $40 per day

Shambhala Festival - Salmo River Ranch
-Adm. $255
-Prk & Camp incl. for wknd.
-Early Camp
*1 dy-$25 / person
*2 dy-$50 / person


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