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Westcoast British Columbia          

( ( ( Soundwave 2011 ) ) )

The first official Soundwave 2011 Update!

Greetings Soundwavers!  

As usual, updates from SWHQ to us, the faithful, do not start to flow until around this time of year.  Also par for the course, there has been plenty of inaccurate and/or speculative information floating around, including numerous rumours that Soundwave is over (an understandable conclusion for many to come to).  But, please remember that the ONLY reliable source of information is these official updates on the official Soundwave website, and that everything else is merely speculation of those not in the know.  

Only SWHQ really is in the know, and it is always their preference to not post information until it is confirmed and accurate.  For this reason, there have been no updates yet.  However, at this point, I have managed to obtain the following concise update, straight from the horse's mouth:   "We're working on it!".

Interpreted for you, the curious folks of soundwave, I believe that this means:

- Soundwave may yet happen in 2011!!  Yes really!  But further details are the "it" which is being "worked on".

- As always, NO official announcements will be made until information is confirmed.  Until that point, we will all just have to have patience.  So whatever you hear, deem it to be speculation.  

- When more accurate information is available (hopefully soon) it will be posted here.  If it's not posted here, it's probably not accurate!

- Remember that one year, Soundwave was not confirmed until 3 weeks before the show!  So information is not as late coming as it probably seems.

In the meantime, SWHQ encourages people to get charged up, as we all are, about the new Kulth-Ka-Choolth Festival in Coombs on the weekend of July 16th (see links below for more information).  The one certain piece of information we have at this point about Soundwave 2011, if it happens, is that it will definitely NOT be on that same weekend as the Kulth!

Thank you all for your ongoing love and support!  Stay tuned!!

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