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Westcoast British Columbia          

( ( ( Soundwave 2011 ) ) )

Additional costs / charges at Soundwave 2010 ... [Final Pricing]

(please click "Read More" below and read through to the bottom, to learn about ways that you can save, or even get most of your money back, on these pesky charges, ok?)



- Parking ...
Weekend vehicle parking (from Friday to Monday) for this year's event will be at a cost of $60 / car. Participants that are arriving to the event by car, pick up truck, or van will all be subject to this charge, regardless of how long they are intending to participate in the event or when they choose to depart. This cost is not refundable.  The only exception is full carpools.  If you arrive in a car that is full to capacity with participants and you show up after Friday morning 8am then you will receive free parking and our thanks.  (See "Ways to save" below for more details).


- Motorcycle Parking ... motorcycles are exempt from the parking charges. Note ...Dirt bikes, while also exempt from the parking charge are expected to be parked all the same. They are not allowed to burn around on any areas of the property during the event (as dirt bikers are known to enjoy doing). There is no motorized vehicle traffic whatsoever allowed on the lower event site proper.


- Early Parking
... for those that have the dates wrong and arrive in advance of the event's commencement, there will be an early parking charge of $20 / vehicle / day.


- RVs ...
The RV culture that has been developing at Soundwave is growing. This, despite our ongoing issue with shortage of space on the site and our often repeated pleas to leave the beast at home and come camping instead. RV's that insist upon coming along with their owners / renters to the event are hogging the space that is badly needed by people who are arriving later, as we have requested them to do. This is the ONLY reason that there are excavators currently working on the site as we speak, in an effort to make more space for vehicles to park there. These RVs will be charged according to the number of mid-sized car's worth of space that they plan to usurp x $20 / day (from the time that they arrive at the site until Sunday). RV charges are inclusive of and assume that there will be people staying in them (2 people in RVs under 3 car lengths & 4 people in RVs over 3 car lengths). Those that have paid to park their RV on the site are not required to pay additional camping fees (unless they have additional passengers onboard).

Important Note ... If you are planning to bring an RV to the event, then please plan to come early! The site has been filling up quickly and we will only reserve certain areas to potentially be used for this purpose! Once the space has been filled, there will be no room for your vehicle at the event site. We can not have vehicles parked on the roadway again, so you will be forced to park back at the paved road and to hitch a ride in, or to camp at a nearby campground facility. If you think that what we are charging for RV parking is expensive, then just wait until you find out what they're going to charge you!!! So, plan ahead, come early, and bring enough money to park your ill acquired land yachts, ok? In all likelihood ... if you're planning to arrive on Saturday it will be too late. In all likelihood Friday will be too late too! Just so you know.. If you are still planning to come on these days, then it is very
strongly recommended that you alter your plan in such a way as to cause the RV to get left behind. Thanks!


- Camping Costs
... Tent camping is included in the cost of your tickets for the duration of the festival's run-time!!! Soundwave begins on Friday and goes until Sunday. This is the only period for which camping is included with your ticket price. Participants are expected / required to openly encourage others to share space in close proximity to the space that they have been enjoying. The hogging or usurping of any space at the site that is additional to that which would reasonably be required to set up a tent is an unpopular and selfish behavior. This behavior is generally considered to be of an unSoundwavian origin and is frowned on by all who regularly attend. So, please refrain with our thanks.



- Early Camping
... there will be an additional early arrivals camping charge of $10 / person / day that will be charged upon arrival at the front gate. It will be charged
from whatever day that you arrive until Thursday. So ... if you were to arrive on Wednesday with your tickets in hand and there were 3 people in your car, there would be an early camping fee of $60 ($10 x 3 people x 2 days). *NB* ... In this example, there would also be an early parking charge of $40, and a weekend parking charge of $60, for an additional charges total of $160.


Ways To Save $On These Charges at Soundwave 2010 ...

**** NB **** For those that choose to arrive at the front gate in cars that have the maximum passenger occupancy (4 or more people) onboard, we will offer our appreciation for their efforts and assistance in dealing with the ongoing vehicle problem at the site! We will also offer the additional incentive of waiving the parking charges for the duration of the festival's runtime (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday ONLY) in exchange for their cooperation.

This incentive does NOT apply to all, no matter what!!

So, in other words ...

- If you were to arrive at Soundwave on Friday with 4 people in your car, there would be NO additional fees to pay ($0).

- If you were to arrive at Soundwave on Friday with 2 people in your car, you would only need to pay for the parking ($60).

- If it were Tuesday when you pulled up to the Soundwave front gate and there were 2 people in your car, then additional costs would then be $180 (6 days of parking @ $20, and 3 days of early camping @ $10 for 2 people = 120
+ 60 = $180)

- If the situation were to be exactly as above, except there were 4 people in your car, then the additional costs would be $180 (Tues-Thurs or 3 days of parking @ $20, and 3 days of early camping @ $10 for 4 people = 60 + 120
= $180)


For those that really want to arrive early to the site...

We, here at Soundwave HQ, are very sensitive to the fact that costs are rising steadily both to put on, and to participate in the festival. We have been (and wish to continue) doing everything that we possibly can to combat this reality. We want to ensure that participants can, not only afford to come to the Soundwave event, but that they can also arrive and be received at the event site, to a place where they are able to get comfortable ... so they are able to be embraced by and can reciprocate that famous Soundwave hospitality that we all know and love!

The single greatest challenge in our attempts to effectively manage these rising costs is the growing tendency for people to arrive increasingly early to set up for the event. We understand that there are many reasons for people wishing to do this, some of which we may even be inclined to empathize with. However, the overwhelming majority of reasons for engaging in this (empathy or none) fail to transform this practice into one that is in any way helpful to us in accomplishing our primary goal, which is to provide a memorable, well organized, and tightly produced event for the people that wish to attend.

People who are inclined to engage in this strategy need to realize that our lease on the property does not begin until Wednesday and that the event begins on Friday. This leaves precious little time in which to accomplish the many large scale tasks that need to be completed in order to, in good conscience, receive these people on Friday and get them well settled for the experience ahead!

Without questioning the motives for arriving early, we'd like everyone to know that those that do so will draw tangibly from the resources that are available to accomplish these tasks and
that, generally speaking, they tend to be more than just a little bit in the way. They should also be aware that the costs of dealing with and managing this situation as
it unfolds, so that we don't roll onto the site to inherit total chaos on Wednesday are also significant.

These factors are, for the most part, responsible for the additional costs that are being charged this year that people are being forced to deal with.

In your cases, the costs to participate in this year's Soundwave have risen, more so than for any others ... and rightfully they should, since you're the ones that are taking up the greatest amount of space for the greatest amount of time.

We are aware that the costs are mounting and that it's a lot to shoulder all at once to go to a party! Honestly! In fact, we're sure that nobody knows it better
than us!

But, our feeling (which is based upon the results of our extensive research) is that this is still a screaming good deal! ... one that remains (no matter which way
you slice it) the best
bargain going for a camping trip on the wild west coast of BC!!!

In our efforts to make it an even better deal, we've cooked up another way that, if they wish, early arrivals will be able to save some money, help us and others out,
and start doling out the Soundwave spirit all at the same time! It goes something like this...

If you are arriving very early to the event site and would like to save some money, then we invite you to spend some of your initial time at the site rounding up your vehicles that have already unloaded and to caravan them off-site and park them in the nearby off-site parking lot. Those that take us up on this invitation will receive the benefit of having their advance of event parking fee reimbursed, less one day. There will be no shuttle service provided, but this distance is only a short walk from the site. Or, you could cooperate with one another to provide your own rides back to the site, as long as the offer stands. This offer will cease at the point that we have managed to fill the nearby overflow lot, or when traffic conditions on the road begin to make two way traffic problematic. In all likelihood this offer will be ceasing by some point on Wednesday afternoon.

This helps by getting most of the money from your parking charge back into your pockets, where it belongs! It also helps by giving you guys a short and simple project that assists us in making sure that we have as much room as possible available on the event site proper, to receive incoming traffic. It also serves to provide those who will be arriving (when they were invited to do so) with the very same benefit that you will have enjoyed ... namely ... the ability to get settled at the event with their stuff close at hand, rather than having to hump all of their stuff in from way up the logging road
because of crowding on the site.


For Those That Still Can't Afford the Costs of This Year's Festival ....

[July 11th Edit:   We are now pretty much out of volunteer shifts.  You may be able to find some work by visiting the volunteer / first aid tent on site thogh ]

Soundwave is actively seeking out positive, able bodied, eager, and energetic people of all shapes and sizes, to assist in this year's effort. Those that volunteer in advance (or at the site) are well remunerated for their efforts and can work off the cost of their tickets by spending some of their time on the site assisting in making the experience better for all in attendance!

To find out how you too can join this growing close knit team of altruistic go-getters, simply send an email to and they'll talk you through the process of just how it all works!
Nothin' to it, but to do it!

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